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On JustChrys you will find a range of interesting information, inspiration and tips. Here below you will also find a number of the most frequently asked questions and answers.
What colour chrysanthemums are there?

Chrysanthemums are versatile in type, flower size and colour. The colours vary from white, yellow, green, purple, red, orange, cream, pink and bronze to many bi-coloured varieties. Look at the page Range for a complete overview.
What is the difference between a spray chrysanthemum, disbudded chrysanthemum and a santini?

Spray chrysanthemums are the most well known type. This is the original chrysanthemum which used to be available mostly in yellow or red tints. After 50 years of growing and breeding chrysanthemums, the spray chrysanthemum is now available in many beautiful shapes, colours and sizes. The size of the flowers can vary from 4cm diameter to 12cm. A santini flower is never larger than 4cm in diameter and in the top 5cm of the stem there are a minimum of 8 flowers. That is why the santini is perferct to use in middle sized and small bouquets. A disbudded chrysanthemum has only one flower per stem. The size of the flower is significantly larger than those of a spray chrysanthemum. They can grow to 25cm in size!
Are all the chrysanthemums on the inspiration images easily available?

Next to each inspiration image you will find a list of which sort of chrysanthemums you will need to make the arrangement. You can click on each type; this will take you to the range database to see which chrysanthemums of that kind are currently available.
Which chrysanthemums suit the coming seasons trends?

We have sorted the inspiration images on this website according to season, so that you can easily see what the atmosphere and style of the season is and which chrysanthemums suit it. Also on our Facebook page, we regularly post photos of trends and arrangements with chrysanthemums.
Can I also buy chrysanthemums from you?

No, JustChrys doesn't sell chrysanthemums. You can make a wish list of your favourite chrysanthemums which you could then, for example, email to your contact person at your wholesaler or cash and carry.
Why are chrysanthemums interesting for me as a florist?

Nowadays chrysanthemums are available in many different colours and shapes but above all they are really strong flowers. By not just presenting them as a filler but in an innovative way, you have something new and interesting to present to your customer and you can generate good margins! In the inspiration images we have already given you a number of ideas.
How do I make it clear that the chrysanthemum is a really trendy flower?

This is where you as the florist, play an important role! The art is in presenting the chrysanthemum in an innovative way. A large disbudded chrysanthemum in a vase, the flowers of a spray chrysanthemum floating in a bowl, experimental methods etc. There are currently many new sorts of chrysanthemum available to make beautiful creations. When consumers have seen what is possible with the flower, they will become enthusiastic and demand will increase!
How do I find out which new chrysanthemums are being developed?

The range page on this site shows all chrysanthemums which are available to the trade at the moment. If you want to see what's coming, see the chrysanthemum breeders.
How long has the chrysanthemum already been in existence?

The chrysanthemum has a long and rich history. From an honoured plant in China, via a royal symbol in Japan, the chrysanthemum has developed into the beautiful representation we now know. For a number of fun facts look on the page History.
How can my customers enjoy chrysanthemums for a long time?

Chrysanthemums like to be in a relatively cool position and are not keen on direct sunlight or draughts. Remove dying or damaged leaves and take a piece off the stem every 4 to 5 days to guarantee good water intake. With a bouquet of chrysanthemums you are best to advise them to unpack the flowers immediately at home and place them in a vase with clean, lukewarm water with plant food. Before putting them in a vase, remove the lower leaves and cut a slanted piece from the stem, so that it doesn't rest flat on the bottom of the vase.
I would like to know more about chrysanthemums, where do I need to look?

If you can't find the answer to your question on this website, or if you have a particular question, you can contact the organisation Chryson through our contact page. This organisation has been set up by chrysanthemum growers and breeders.