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Tips & Info

With its intense colours and varying shapes, the chrysanthemum is the perfect flower for daring florists and arrangers. Whoever dares to experiment with colours and shapes and likes to travel new paths, will have a great experience with this versatile flower!
From bright white and fresh green to gold and purple red

Each chrysanthemum has its own charm: ball, with spiky petals, daisy-like or colourful buds. As well as classic chrysanthemums there are disbudded and small flowering chrysanthemums. Chrysanthemums are not only known for their many varieties, but also the endless colour hues they are grown in.
Care tips for florists

Chrysanthemums can be kept dry in the refrigerator at 2-5° C. Take care that the flowers don’t get damp through too much moisture in the air or condensation on the cellophane. To ensure that the flowers or leaves don’t droop it is advisable to put the flowers in a small amount of water after a couple of days. If you place the chrysanthemums in water make sure it is a clean vase or bucket and that the water is clean. Add water regularly to the bucket or vase as chrysanthemums are big drinkers. Make sure that no leaves are hanging in the water, especially when there are more types of flowers together in one bucket.
Extra tips for special chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums from the field can sometimes have a woody stem. This is why it is best to keep these types in water. You could also add a conditioner to the water to ensure good intake of water. Disbudded chrysanthemums are often delivered with a protective cellophane around the flower. If you spray a bit of water on the cellophane it is easier to remove, so that you don't damage the flower.